Makalani Holdings – business capital hub

Makalani Holdings

Makalani Holdings is a registered financial services provider which has been at the helm of landmark BEE Transactions since its inception. It boasts of having one of its initial engagements managing a R2,5 billion mezzanine asset portfolio. Makalani values financial empowerment and the provision of capital. These are the institution’s focal points.
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Tax Ombudsman South Africa

Tax Ombudsman – It is the responsibility of any worker out there to make certain that their tax affairs act in accordance with the rules and regulations of the country they are working in. Whether you are a citizen or foreigner of that country, failure to abide by these tax regulations is an offence which can be repaid by heavy fines or even imprisonment.
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Types of social grants

social grants south africa

Quite a number of South Africans rely on the government for financial support owing to the rise in the lack of employment which is the route to the economic success of a country. South Africa is a country that is going through high levels of unemployment such that people are not in a position to finance all their day to day procedures thus they expect the government to financially bail them.
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