StartMe, crowd funding for business

South Africa’s business growth has grown by leaps and bounds since the dawn of the democratic dispensation. This growth has been attributed to an enabling environment brought about by business friendly policies.The growth experienced in this sector has however brought a new wave of competition for funding opportunities in the market. One business finance platform working towards providing funding is StartMe.
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GroFin, providing SME finance

GroFin - SME fince

Government has prioritised entrepreneurship and the advancement of small, medium and micro-sized enterprises as the catalyst to achieving economic growth and development. In order to ensure that this key sector records the needed growth and ensure that adequate financial and non-financial assistance is provided to the sector, Government has created the necessary policy framework and enabling environment for private sector participation. One private sector entity which has come on the scene is GroFin.
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IDF Managers – entrepreneurial SME development financier

Funding for women entrepreneurs - IDF Managers

All across the world and South Africa included, innovative entrepreneurs and start up businesses have proven to be a phenomenon. Entrepreneurs produce solutions that fly in the face of established knowledge and they always challenge the status quo. They are risk takers who pursue opportunities that others may fail to recognise or even view as problems or threats.
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Absa women empowerment fund

There is a common saying which says that a woman is the full circle and within her lies the power to create, nurture and transform. South Africa’s population census shows that the country has 26,581, 769 women which amounts to 51.3%. It’s therefore not surprising that government has put in place policies and measures aimed at empowering this group of people. One institution which has tapped into this women friendly environment is Absa.
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Google wallet, sending money through your Gmail account

google wallet app

The story of the evolution of the internet age can never be complete without mentioning the name Google. Google is a giant search engine that has impacted the social and economic landscape of the world.This search engine allows one to search the worlds information including webpages, images, videos and more. It is out of Google that you get the Gmail service. Because Google through Gmail is all about trends, it is not surprising that they launched a money sending service.
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3D holograms no longer science fiction

3D holograms

The invention of technology has of late seen the introduction of three dimensional holographic images and floating displays outside a screen. These have long been a preferred entity of science fiction movies such as the rescue message carried by R2-D2 in Star Wars.

The accomplishment of James Cameron’s 3D movie Avatar caused a great worldwide interest in flexible, high-definition and floating display devices.
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Policy Trader – selling your policy

policy trader

Are you in need of instant cash? If so, you can access it sooner if you have what it takes to qualify for a financial facility of your choice. It’s very disappointing let alone frustrating to realize that even though you have a policy, the cash value that you need is limited and not at your disposal? It will be such a blow to be turned away by the life company that you relied upon if you don’t have a solution.
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Mini financial services, a trusted financial entity

Mini financial services

The motor vehicle industry in South Africa is decorated with uncountable brands originating from different parts of the world.This list of brands however can never be complete without mentioning one revered name called the Mini Cooper. Mini Cooper which includes a number of different models has been produced by BMW since 2000. What makes this brand even more respected is the fact that they have added a financial services division to their operations.
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