Home Choice Loans

Home Choice Loans

Home Choice Loans – Having created a reputation as a trusted provider of quality home-ware merchandise to South Africans, Home Choice has amassed more than one million customers. The company’s rich 30- year history is typified by leaving customers satisfied with their flexible and easy access to products. Home Choices’ commitment to ensuring outstanding levels of quality is the reason for the provision of a credit facility that allows customers to transact on loans account 24 hours a day with access to further credit over time.
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Personal money manager from Nedbank

South Africa’s financial and banking industry is endowed with a number institutions who offer diverse financial products and services. This list in South Africa can never be complete without mentioning Nedbank. Nedbank is one of the largest banks in South Africa. With a history that stretches back to 1888, this bank now employs about 29,513 people with assets totaling up to R750 billion. Its range of products has also distinguished it from the rest. One of these products is the Nedbanks personal money manager.
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Paygate, online payment giant


The evolution of technology over the years has not only allowed humanity to communicate better but facilitated the invention of new products and services. Information technology has become the complete backbone to almost any business and its ability to be competitive and efficient. Coming out of this techno age is the mobile payment phenomenon. Mobile payment is being adopted all over the world in different ways especially to pay for a wide range of services. One business house at the heart of this PayGate.
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Smart Finance, solving pecuniary matters

Finance has been identified in various research methods conducted to be an obstacle with regards to business organisations achieving their aims. Around a third of high growth firms said obtaining finance especially for asset is a significant obstacle. Bank lending is the source of finance for the majority of companies and the coming on the scene of other corporate credit houses is giving hope to many. One of these in question is Smart Finance.
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