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By achieving universal basic education, millions can be lifted out of a lifetime of poverty. Getting children to school is just a start. Research has indicated that as many as 67 million children in the world are denied the chance to go to school.

In the year 2000, 164 world governments united to create the Education for All goals as a response to this dilemma. Since then many countries have abolished school fees, with spending increased by $4 billion. An extra 40 million children are now going to school.

While these results can be lauded, a bigger challenge remains in the form of a lack of access to education for girls.

1 goal is fighting for better policies and more funds for girls’ education. The organisation also aims to make schools safe for girls by tackling violence and abuse and also providing facilities they need.

Quite often a major stumbling block attributed to the trend of lack of access to education for girls is a lack of finance to pay for school fees. Unfortunately, in many instances, parents are forced to choose between educating their boy children or girls and girls frequently find themselves on the losing end.

It’s the aim of 1goal to get special financial help for girls to stay in school.  In a country like South Africa for instance, underprivileged girls often face a number of socio-economic challenges. As girls become older and they do not have access to sanitary towels, they may be forced to skip school at ‘that time of the month.’ This results in them missing vital amounts of work, often leading many of them to drop out. Teen pregnancy is another factor affecting many children of school-going age. Education plays an important role here. Statistics have shown that a girl who completes basic education is three times less likely to contract HIV.

1 goal seeks to facilitate easy access to education in order to tackle such issues.

If you would like to make a difference, contact 1 goal today by emailing: info@join1goal.org.

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