1 Hour Loans – Fast, Convenient and Simple

1 hour loans

Keeping up with the rising cost of living is something that more South Africans are struggling with. Fluctuations in the economy also have detrimental effects on the citizens of the country. Rising fuel prices coupled with rocketing food prices are putting a considerable amount of pressure on more people’s household budgets nowadays.

By the time various expenses have taken a toll on household budgets, many people are left with very little money at the end of the month. Recent research indicates that many South Africans struggle to pay for unexpected expenses when they arise.

More micro lenders are providing assistance for South Africans who are in need of quick financial assistance.

One such micro lender is 1 Hour Loans.
1 Hour Loans offers loans of up to R230 000, which are approved in under an hour.

The lender specialises in the provision of personal loans. Help is provided for help for people with a poor credit rating, garnishee orders and defaults.

How does it work?

  • Applying for a loan from 1 Hour Loans is simple and convenient. There is no need to wait in long bank queues or go through time-consuming interviews with various consultants
  • Visit the website the1hourloan.co.za
  • Enter your details
  • You will then receive approval of your application. As soon as you receive approval via SMS you then get instant access to your loan.
  • The 1 Hour Loans is a financial institution that values providing efficient service, so it aims to pay out loans to approved clients within an hour.
  • You will then have the financial freedom to be able to use the loan however you choose. Use the loan to pay for school fees, for renovations to your home or to pay for an unexpected medical bill or for starting your own small business.


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