1 Hour Loans – Sourcing Financial Solutions for Clients

1 Hour Loan

Being able to find the right credit provider when in a financial crunch is something that many individuals desire. Individual finances require specific, unique solutions tailored around individual creditworthiness and individual ability to repay the loan. With the thousands of credit providers in the South African micro finance industry, individuals are faced with a plethora of options, but may not necessarily have the knowledge on how to identify the most suitable lending institutions.  This is where a reliance on loan originators comes in handy. One such institution that specialises in this service is 1 Hour Loans.

1 Hour Loans helps individuals to connect to the right financial lender, doing the comparing on their behalf. 1 Hour Loans assesses the borrower’s affordability and sources a viable lending solution which is tailored to their needs. It aims to do this in a way that is fast and most convenient for clients, reducing any hassles they may encounter during this process.

Applicants can get as much as R230 000 in finance which can help them with taking care of financial needs which may include paying for medical expenses, car repairs or tertiary tuition. Individuals with poor credit profiles, those who are blacklisted and those with defaults are also assisted by 1 Hour Loans.

To apply, individuals simply need to visit www.the1hourloan.co.za and fill in the application form. An SMS will be sent by 1 Hour Loans, to the applicant in order to confirm their application status. If successful, clients can expect funds to be transferred into their account. Repayment terms are dependent on the lending institution that is assisting the client.


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