10 Things That Are Turning 50 in 2019

  1. The 1969 Moon Landing:
    Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldring were part of the Apollo ii mission that made its first landing on the moon. These two men spend about 21 hours on the moon during the summer of 1969.
  2. The Internet:
    The 7th of April 1969 is cited as the official date for the birth of the internet. Professor Leonard Kleinrock send the first message over a computer network.
  3. Sesame Street:
    The famous children’s show first hit the TV screen on November 10 1969. Drawing viewers from around the world the show has attracted children from all over. 
  4. The first ATM (Automatic Teller Machine):
    Was first introduced and installed in the US in 1969. It was launched at Chemical Bank Customers in Rockville Centre New York. 
  5. I know why the caged bird sings:
    This autobiography of Maya Angelou was originally published in 1969. The book looks into Angelou’s early life to the time she had a child at the age of 16. 
  6. First human eye transplant:
    The first human eye transplant was made on April 22 1969. The eye transplant was made on a 55-year-old named John Madden. Although the transplant was successful, the eye that Madden received was not properly preserved so he never regained his sight.
  7. Tic Tacs:
    These were first introduced as” refreshing mints” in 1969. Originally these tiny sweets were orange and mint. However new flavors have been added over the years. The tic tacs are now sold in over 100 countries. 
  8. Scooby Doo:
    For 50 years now the Scooby Doe team has been solving mysteries. Introduced on 13 September 1969, Scooby and his gang have captured the attention of many around the world. 
  9. Jennifer Anniston:
    Born February 11 1969 in Sherma Oaks in California. Born to actors John Aniston and Nancy Dew. She rose to stardom through her role on friends as Rachel Green.
  10. The Beetles’ rooftop Concert:
    January 30 1969 the Beetles performed their last impromptu show for 42 minutes. It was the first time in more than two years that they had a live performance. The plug was pulled off after a bank manager called the police lodging a noise complaint. 


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