10 Tips for Cheap Motorcycle Insurance


Ride solo

If you always ride solo, tell you insurer, as this could go a long way towards reducing your premium and getting you cheap motorcycle insurance. 

Get quotes from multiple sources

Don’t just take the first quote that comes your way. You can tweak your requirements to get the cheapest deal.

Opt for paying annually

You have the choice of paying for your insurance in one lump sum or via a monthly payment plan. By paying once annually, you can make considerable savings.

Buy what you can afford

Make sure that you compare thoroughly and decide on the best form of insurance for your needs. You need to consider how often you ride your bike as well as how you store it.

Don’t choose a superbike

If you’re not willing to pay high insurance costs, keep in mind that superbikes cost more to insure. They’re faster, so the risk of accidents is much higher. If you want to save on insurance costs, choose a smaller, older or less expensive bike.

Avoid modifications

While modifications enhance performance or add value, they may increase your premium. Some insurers allow you to negotiate when you have modifications on your bike.

Choose a specialist insurer

Biking is a specialist market, unlike cars. Specialist insurance companies offer better cover and service. If you need to make a claim you’ll want someone who knows the various specifications relating to motorbikes.

Take an extra safety course

By going on an advanced riding course, you can become a safer rider. This could result in cheap motorcycle insurance.

Choose a good place to store your motorcycle

By installing an alarm on your bike, you might get some discounts. By also keeping your bike safe by storing it in a garage, your premiums may be lower.

Lower your mileage

You may be seen as less of a risk to insurance companies if you have relatively low mileage.




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