1st For Women Insurance Cover- Unique Packages

1st for Woman

1st For Women is a financial services provider that caters exclusively for women clientele. After realising that women were generally a lower insurance risk than men, the institution was formed. Clients benefit from lower premiums, easing the financial strain in the long run. 1st For Women has designed insurance packages with the intention to cater to specific needs women have.

Insurance packages include:

  • Car Insurance, which covers general road problems.
  • Off Road Insurance covers women who drive 4x4s or SUVs in the outdoors or rocky terrain
  • Motorcycle Insurance which covers towing and storing of a motorbike when you’re involved in an accident
  • Building Insurance which protects the actual physical structure of the building from things like fire, structural damage and so on
  • Home Contents Insurance which covers valuables inside your home such as TVs, fridges etc
  • Portables Insurance which covers your portable valuables such as your cellphone etc
  • Personal insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Water craft insurance
  • Caravan and trailer insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Personal loans

Benefits associated with 1st For Women Insurance include:

  • Cash Back Plus offers clients cash back if they don’t claim within 4 years (up to 25% of all premiums paid)
  • Travel benefits such as Trip monitor, Directions Assist, Accident Assist, Road Assist and Guardian Angels, Cabs for Women
  • Medical Benefits such as Medical Assist, Nurse@First, Trauma Assist etc, Expo-sure
  • Home and Lifestyle Benefits that include Hotel Bookings, Legal Assist or even Dinner Reservations
  • Legal Assist and Tax Assist helps you make informed decisions

For more information about 1st For Women’s packages and how to benefit, visit www.1stforwomen.co.za


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