1st For Women Insurance – Unique Cover Designed for South African Women


Statistically, women have been shown to be lower insurance risks than their male counterparts. 1st For Women was formulated in response to this trend. In addition, an increasing number of women are forging ahead on the economic landscape. More women now have access to products and services previously reserved for the benefit of men. This means that the market has grown and more women need to be catered to. 1st for Women, which was established in 2005, has created a range of insurance solutions specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of women.

Packages provided include car, motorcycle, off road, caravan and trailer, watercraft, building, home contents, portable possessions, personal, business and life insurance.

Car Insurance:

This cover is in the form of Comprehensive, Fire and Theft, 3rd Party only and Better Car Insurance. If your car is written off, Better Car will replace your vehicle with the same model which is one year newer. 3rd Party insurance covers your medical expenses if anyone is involved in an accident. (The policy will cover up to R500.)

Buildings Insurance:  

This provides cover against loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, burst water pipes, storms and floods, break-in or theft, subsidence (sinking of land) and landslips.

Portable Possession Insurance:

This product covers personal items such as jewellery, laptops, cameras, handbags, clothing, glasses, cellphones, etc.

1st For Women also provides a number of Fab Benefits as part of their suite of services. These include benefits such as:

  • Cash Back Plus: This pays you back a portion of your premiums if you have not claimed for an uninterrupted period of 4 years.
  • Travel benefits: This includes features such as Trip Monitor, Directions Assist, Accident Assist, Guardian Assist and Road Assist.
  • Home and Lifestyle Benefits: Legal Assist and Concierge Assist are included with this benefit.
  • Medical Benefits: Medical Assist, Expo-Sure, Trauma Assist, and Nurse@First are services included in this benefit package. Pet Cover is also provided to take care of your pets, which also form part of the family.


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