1st for Women Life Insurance


Founded in 2004 and underwritten by Auto & General, 1st for women is a leading financial institution that has created tailor-made, holistic lifestyle support solutions specifically for women. 

The institution provides a number of services, ranging from vehicle insurance, to life insurance.

Pure Life Cover:

1st for women offers basic cover and elevated cover for individuals looking to get life insurance cover. Basic Cover pays out a lump sum of up to R200 000 to the beneficiary in the event of your death. Elevated cover, on the other hand, pays out from R200 000 upwards to the beneficiary of your choice.

Basic Cover:

This covers is for your whole life and it also covers you immediately for accidental death. It also includes a terminal illness benefit.

Elevated Cover:

This type of insurance covers you immediately for accidental and natural death. It pays out the cover amount of R200 000 upwards and also includes a terminal illness benefit.

1st for women life insurance is committed to saving you money on your insurance premiums, so you won’t face any exorbitant charges.

Why should you get 1st for women life insurance?

Getting this type of insurance helps ensure that your family has sufficient income when you are no longer able to provide.

It replaces the income you would have earned during your working life.

Ensures your family is financially secure. So if you aren’t able to provide anymore, your spouse will be able to pay for school fees or the bond on the house, so that you don’t default on payments.

You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones are covered.

Visit their website here: www.firstforwomen.co.za

To get a 1st for women life insurance quote for your unique needs, you can call: 0861 91 77 73


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