2014 top gadgets

2014 top gadgets

A year can be very a long time in the world of business and technological developments. Technological innovation has continued to improve economic growth and the quality of life of all South Africans. The year 2014 has not been different with a whole lot of innovative products coming on the market. Below are some of the top gadgets which marked the year 2014.

Blackberry Passport – This gadget is very big and has a physical keyboard which also doubles as a trackpad for scrolling around menus, apps and webpages. It also has a gorgeous metal frame, high-grade polycarbonate backing, pitch-perfect keyboard, and an ultra-high-resolution 4.5in display.

iPad Air 2 -This is a feat of engineering that pushes the limits of what makes a premium slate. It has a deeper black bezel which helps enhance the picture – plus it now comes in gold to join space gray and silver.The camera stays where it has been, both front and back, with the new 8MP iSight snapper not jutting out.

Samsung Gear VR – With this gadget, you enjoy virtual reality with mega sized screen which allows you to see beyond your peripheral vision. It also has shiver colored frames which incorporates soft and flexible cushioning for the ultimate comfort design.

DJI Phantom 2 Drone -This gadget allows one to Program a flight path using your smartphone with our 16 waypoint Ground Station system. Tilt the camera up and down, take photos and shoot video all while the Phantom 2 Vision+ flies autonomously.

iPhone 6 Plus – It’s the first iPhone to pack a full HD display, plus its bigger body means it houses a larger battery than its 4.7-inch brother. Both sport A8 64-bit processors, 1GB of RAM, M8 motion co-processors and 8MP rear facing cameras – but the snapper on the iPhone 6 Plus benefits from OIS (optical image stabilisation) while the iPhone 6 makes do with EIS (electronic image stabilisation).

Alcatel Tribe 3003 – The Alcatel Tribe 30.03 mobile is a practical and efficient everyday phone. The QWERTY keypad makes this phone convenient. With it’s 2G network capability and 4GB of expandable memory its a lightweight, pocket size phone, offering a functional phoning experience.

Other gadgets released in 2014 include Sonys Cyber-Shot RX100 III and Jawbones Bluetooth equipped UP24.


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