3 Best Reporting Systems Apps for Tracking Technology Processes


Businesses of all sizes depend on processes that run smoothly in order to maintain operational efficiency. One of the main keys to managing any kind of process, especially those of a technical nature, is being able to track issues that crop up over time. These could be bugs in a software project, a collection of logged customer complaints for a CSR company, or even technical issues and computer problems for an internal network administration team.There are many issue tracking systems available with both open source and commercial licenses. Here are three of the most notable applications.

Bugzero -Bugzero is primarily a bug tracking system as hinted at by its name. The software provides robust issue tracking capabilities with many user-defined data forms, so it can be tailored for many different scenarios. It features a web-based interface that is customizable with a company logo and color scheme. Bugzero contains a robust amount of functionality, offering email-based external customer issue entry, source code integration, and a fully fledged reporting engine. Businesses involved in software development might reap the most benefits from the software, as it even handles test case generation and use case management.

Bugzilla – Bugzilla is one of the most famous open source bug and issue tracking systems. Bugzilla’s features include a web-based interface, issue lists in a variety of formats, and a time tracking system. Strong project-team communication is fostered through the reporting, bug request, and user watch features. The application, while primarily suited for software development, lends itself well to any technical process, including network management.

IssueNet – IssueNet is a general purpose issue tracking system developed by Elsinore Technologies. The software comes with a wide array of pricing options depending on the type of license and maintenance plan. It is useful for a variety of purposes, include bug tracking, help desk ticketing, and more. What makes IssueNet stand out is its unlimited customization, allowing users to define the properties, relationships, and types for each data object in the system. This gives administrators the ability to tailor the forms and workflows to suit any kind of issue tracking scenario. It leverages a web services architecture, allowing for a rich client interface combined with the deployment ease of a web-based application. Issue tracking is important for businesses of all kinds, but especially those with a technical focus.


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