3 Important Things to Consider When Getting Car Insurance Quotes Online


Be clear about your budget

Before you actually shop, you need to review your budget.  You need to choose a policy that you can reasonably afford. Make sure that you gather your information beforehand. This saves you on time when you are applying because you are clear about what you need.

Choose the right type of insurance

In South Africa you get three main types of car insurance:

Comprehensive, Third Party, Theft and Fire or Third Party Only.

Comprehensive Cover:

This is the most expensive type of cover. You are able to get cover for theft, hijacking, accidents, fire and natural disasters, like hail and floods. It also covers you against claims by third parties where you are responsible for damage to their vehicle. As a new car vehicle owner, you will most likely be required to get this type of insurance.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance:

This type of cover does not provide cover for accidental damage to your vehicle. You get cover for theft, hijacking or fire. It is usually used by individual with used cars.

Third Party:

This is the cheapest form of insurance. It provides cover for any damage you may cause to someone else’s vehicle.

You pick the insurance based on your needs and what you will be able to afford. When you compare online policies you should make sure you compare like policies. Remember that insurance prices vary a lot by company.

A number of factors affect the decision

An insurance company will consider a number of factors before deciding how much your premiums will cost. The car you drive affects your car insurance.  For example, the number of previous claims you’ve made make a difference to your quote.


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