3 Leading African Tech Innovations that are Solving Tech Problems on the Continent

Tech Innovation

There are innovators in Africa who are coming up with solutions in response to challenges faced by many communities on the continent.

Here are three innovations by Africans which have been designed to solve some of the most pressing challenges many societies face on the continent:


The transport systems of many countries across the African continent are in need of serious overhauls. In South Africa, the majority of the population relies on public transport to commute. Although this is affordable to many individuals, rising inflation continues to hurt their pockets. Taxi cabs are often considered unaffordable many ordinary citizens. Neil Du Preez has designed a taxi service that fills the gap for commuters who need affordable, safe micro transport in a three-mile radius. This environmentally-friendly taxi service causes no pollution and converts the energy typically lost in the braking process to electricity, recovering and storing it.


This mobile app lets individuals and organisations start and mange fundraisers via text or web devices cheaply and in the most efficient ways. It combines money transfer technologies and mobile communication. Users of the app are able to fundraise, track contributions, and withdraw funds using mobile phones without having to rely on the internet. It is the world’s first SMS crowdfunding app.

Lumkani Fire Detection:

This device was created to prevent fires from tearing through informal settlements and densely populated communities. It is an off-the-shelf fire detection device and alert service that uses radio frequency transmission technology which can be highly useful by triggering an alarm to alert the family if there’s a fire. Within a 20 second period, a signal sets off heat detectors in a 60 metre radius. The product has already won numerous innovation awards, including the award for Best start-up in the Global Innovation through Science & Technology Tech-I competition at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 in Marrakech, Morocco.


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