3 Unique Slot Machine Games You Need to Play Online

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A Tradition

In the gambling world, there are few games as iconic or symbolic as the slot machine. It is somewhat of a tradition in the gambling world to play slots. That is because slots are very easy to play and understand, so it has become a kind of initiation into the casino world for new gamblers to take their first spin.

With the combination of this tradition and emerging technology, there are now hundreds of different variations of slot machines out there, each more fun and unique than the last, proving that human ingenuity and creativity seems to have no limitations. That is why we put together a list of seven of some of the most unique and fun slot machine games out there currently.

The Tempting Three

The trend for the digital age is, I want it faster, and better. If you can improve it, people want it. That is what has prompted game makers to design hundreds of different variations on the classic slot machines game. Here are a few of our favorites:

NRVNA – A slot machine game inspired by another great gaming hit, Starburst, NRVNA is a game for those who love eye candy. While there is a lack of any continuity or storyline, the futuristic neon aesthetic and relaxing mood of the game makes this a favorite for many.

Castle Builder ll – This fun game has a very interactive kind of storyline and goal that makes it very unique for slots. It is a bit of an RPG in the sense that there is progression in the game, and multiple levels that give players a sense of accomplishment. The goal of the game is to build the most expensive castle possible for your daughter’s new spouse, and it is easy to spend hours on this game and not even realize it.

Dragon’s Myth – For fans of the medieval age, Dragon’s Myth is a fun, story filled adventure of a slot game. The goal is to capture as many dragons as you can, and of course get their treasure too. Upon catching four dragons you even get a free spin bonus. There are a lot of great slot games out there that are as entertaining as they are profitable. Another nice thing about online gambling is that many sites offer no deposit free spins, so playing is easy on the eyes and the pocket book.

Impressing the Tech Industry

The creativity of these slots game makers have been so good that it is even starting to garner the attention of big players in Silicon Valley. The tech giants that run today’s digital world are looking at the humble slots game and seeing how many people are engaged by these games and they are looking for a way to cash in.

You know you are doing things right when you have Silicon Valley execs sitting around and wondering how you do what you do. With more and more innovation, there has never been a better time to play some slots.


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