3D Touch iPhone 6


Since the launch of the iPhone 6S in September 2015, it has achieved good sales. One of the new features introduced, which have made the phone more popular is the 3D Touch feature. 

How does 3D Touch work on the iPhone 6?

When you press down on the screen, the glass bends slightly. This feature was initially introduced on the Apple Watch as “Force Touch”.

Peep and Pop:

The 3D touch action happens inside an app. For instance, at a light touch you will be able to preview an email and the message will expand.

Turn your keyboard into a trackpad:

You can turn your onscreen keyboard into a trackpad so you can use a moveable cursor in text-based apps. The 3D Touch feature offers a very easy way to position your text cursor while typing.


3D Touch lets iPhone 6S and 6SPlus users quickly navigate to the app switcher by pressing on the left side of the screen. While inside an app, by holding down on the screen you will be able to open up a full size multi-tasking mode.

Accessing Contacts:

Users can access a shortcut menu in Quick Actions to call, text or FaceTime with certain contacts.


With the 3D Touch, you can peek at a message without having to get into the whole thread.

What else is there to love about the iPhone 6S?

3D Touch also supports Third Party apps such as Dropbox and Facebook, so you’ll be able to update your status from the app icon on the home screen.

With the tagline “the only thing that’s changed is everything”, Apple introduced the iPhone 6S with the aim to differentiate it from the iPhone 6 model.

What people want to know is whether the phone is enough of an upgrade to justify its price. One thing is certain though: the 3D Touch is an attractive feature.



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