4 Do’s and Don’ts when Comparing Life Insurance Quotes


It mostly used to be that when you’re shopping for life insurance or just want to learn more from your current insurer. You would often sit down and discuss all of your options with an insurance agent. Although most people still do that, some opt to buy life insurance online.

As today’s technology makes it possible for you to get and compare online life insurance quotes from the convenience of your home or your mobile device.

It can be overwhelming looking for life insurance therefore, bear in mind some of the do’s and don’ts when comparing life insurance quotes online

1. Compare life insurance quotes from well-known companies

They’re plenty life insurance companies that insure your life and your income, and for ensuring that you’ll receive an income if disabled, such as Old Mutual Metropolitan, Liberty Life, Sanlam and Discovery Life. These insurance companies are well-known based on their reputation, visibility, financial stability and the level of customer satisfaction they engender.

2. Don’t skip talking to a licensed agent

Whether on the phone or in person as it’s a great idea for anybody looking for life insurance quotes, even when getting them online. Insurance agents can help educate you with finding online life insurance quotes. Also about different life insurance products and how to determine your insurance needs.

3. An online quote is usually a rough estimation

Please bear that in mind when getting your life insurance quotes online as the quote is solely based on the information you provide. The exact cost of your life insurance can only be determined by the underwriters after you’ve completed an application and medical exam.

4. Don’t be quick to just give out your information

Beware of websites phishing for your personal information in exchange for a free quote. Never give your banking information to get a free quote.


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