4 Items You Should Not Spend Your Money On


4 items you should not spend your money on

It’s common for people to feel guilty when they spend money on items that don’t add much value to their lives. We have things that if we buy we feel bad and regret that we should have kept the money and used it for other better things.

Here are some of the things/items you should not spend your money on:

  • Extended warranties on electronics and appliances: sales persons in electronic shops have a tendency of luring customers into paying more by extending their warranty on electrical appliances. The truth chances are very low for a new electrical appliance to fail so the best is to ignore such extended warranties.
  • Bottled water: If your local municipality is known for providing the bets services i.e. water included, what’s the point of buying bottled water which is expensive? Bottled water is not necessary, get your empty bottles, fill them with water and put them in a fridge. Problem solved, water tastes the same.
  • Movies and clubs: Movies and clubbing have turned out to be some of the most expensive areas that can drain your pockets. When you get to the movies or clubs, you will spend money for entrance and buying drinks snacks for yourself and maybe a friend. You can do without with some kind of entertainments by watching movies at home with friends.
  • Fast foods: Fast foods are expensive. The ideal thing to do is to prepare your food and carry it to work. Or buy uncooked food from the stores and prepare it at home. Fast foods are also not good for your health.
  • Full price new clothes: It’s advisable to do lay byes than buying expensive clothes on cash. Take your time to pay clothes, doing that will help your spending behaviour and give you a clean credit record.


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