4 Tips – Make Your Start Up Business Professional


You’ve honed in on your skills and decided to go at it on your own and become self-sustaining by starting your own business. 

You’ve even developed professional business practices. A bookkeeping system to keep track of business activities and record of expenses and income or have a separate business checking account and credit card so not to mingle personal with business expenses.

Take it a step further with a professional image, which will help you attract clients. Here are four tips to make your business professional.

  1. Have business cards handy. Give them out when you meet people. And make sure the business cards look presentable and professional representing you as the owner and what your business does.
  2.  Set up a business email. Using a Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail email will put off potential clients. Register your business name as a domain. Think of several business names that might suit your company and its products or services and choose a company name with an available internet domain name and trademark.
  3. Use social networks for marketing. Set up a Twitter account and corporate Facebook page. Update your status regularly, but keep it professional. All about the type of service or product you sell. This can go a long way in helping your business achieve a professional look. Also set up a website. Make sure your contact details and social network links are on the home page.
  4. Get a postal box that you can use for selected contacts and transactions. As usually if you starting your own business you can only afford to set up office from home and there are certain times when you don’t want certain people to know where you live. Even potential clients who can take advantage when it comes to paying you what’s due when they realise you have a home setup.


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