4 Ways To Avoid Scams

Be suspicious of unsolicited contact 

It’s important that you take your time before you engage with any form of contact which came out of the blue. Ideally, you should be the one to make contact wherever possible. If you are interested in applying for a loan, for instance, you should be the one to initiate contact with a lender. If you receive any emails from an address that you don’t recognise, do your due diligence and avoid scams. 

Resist demands to act quickly 

Keep in mind that scammers will want to put you in a corner and put you under pressure to commit to what it is that they are offering. A legitimate offer would not be putting you under pressure in any way. It would also be fully transparent about all the steps involved throughout the process. To avoid scams, don’t buckle under pressure and never assume that all calls or phone calls are legitimate. 

Never open suspicious attachments  

Technology has aided the rampant scourge of scams in a way. Scammers have been able to lure in a lot more people with ease as a result of technological innovations.  If you receive an email with a link or attachment that seems suspicious, then rather don’t even open the attachment. Delete the email immediately and be on the lookout for similar ones in future. 

Do your research 

Look into people or companies who approach you. The internet is your friend when it comes to finding ways to avoid scams. A simple Google search of the individual or company will guide you. If you find that there is no evidence of what they are offering it may be a good indicator of a scam. In some cases you find complaints on various consumer forums about similar experiences, which could ultimately save you a lot of heartache and loss.


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