4 Ways to get Free Internet in South Africa

Free Internet

It’s a well-known fact that South Africa has some of the highest internet fees globally.  The best way for many people to save on these costs is to search for free bandwidth. While some institutions may claim to provide free internet, only a few truly live up to that promise. Here are four easy ways you could get free internet:


This internet service provider gives away 1GB of ADSL bandwidth per month. All you need to qualify for this offer is to have a post-paid telephone line with ADSL activated, an ADSL modem as well as Photo I.D.


This ISP allows you to try their network via a 3Gtrial (valid for a month only). Once you sign up, you are able to benefit from 1 Gig free bandwidth monthly. What you need to qualify is a post-paid telephone line with ADSL activated, an ADSL modem and a valid South African I.D. This offer is limited to one account per unique ADSL line and the trial ends at the end of the month you activated it.

FNB Connect:

FNB Connect offers 1 Gig free ADSL to all new customers, while cheque account holders receive free data every month.

Gold Cheque – account holders get up to 2GB ADSL per month through FNB Connect and 50MB 3G data per month through FNB Connect.
Platinum Cheque – account holders get up to 3GB ADSL data per month
Encore – account holders get up to 2GB ADSL data per month

To qualify you’ll need an ADSL Extended Telkom line, ADSL Modem, 3G Enabled Phone with a Vodacom or any MTN cellphone contract.

Samsung Always On Wi-Fi:

This option gives Samsung device owners 1G of free Wi-Fi data every month for 12 months. It’s available to any Samsung Wi-Fi enabled smart devices purchased after March 2010. To access this offer all you have to do is locate an AlwaysOn hotspot and register. Select Samsung Registration and enter your details including the IMEI or serial number of the device. Contact their Helpdesk on: 0861 468 7768.


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