5 Future Car Technologies That Truly Have A Chance


Developments in the automobile industry through the years have been quite exciting. From manual cars all the way to electric cars – this industry has come a long way. With advances in tech, which has seen the explosion of popularity in smart devices, car manufacturers have also had to work doubly hard to ensure that they keep up.  

Future car technologies will not only be at the discretion of car designers, but will mainly be demand-driven. For instance, as more devices use USB technology, car companies have added ports to the infotainment systems of new car models. The demand for the Connected Cr is set to skyrocket in the near future. 

More future car technologies that truly have a chance: 

Ultra-modern airbags 

Mercedes Benz is reportedly working on new technology that is set to feature ultra-modern airbags in vehicles. Most new cars currently have airbags, which have been proven to provide additional safety and some forms of protection in accidents.  

There have been experiments with airbags that could possibly deploy to help stop a car before a collision. This will depend on the placement and the German car giant is working on making sure that airbags in newer models offer as much safety for drivers as possible. 

The Connected Car 

In recent years there has been a major shift from hardware to software-centric cars. The Connected Car is the future of motoring. Cars of the future could all be connected to the cloud. Car owners could also be able to control devices in their houses from their cars. 

Self-driving cars 

Autonomous vehicles on the roads could become a reality sooner than anticipated. The cars will have tech features like radar and the use of ultrasound to ensure that surroundings are safe. Google has already conducted successful driver-less tests in California. 

Augmented Reality-enabled dashboards 

BMW has begun testing tools that enable a layer-by-layer inspection of machinery. This is thought to be the first step towards AR dashboards, which will feature data appearing on the driver’s windshield. 

Body Panels that store energy 

Car body panels will be used to store energy, which will facilitate faster car charging. Energy will also be harnessed by using solar energy.


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