5 Interview Questions to Know for Visiting a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Questions

The job market these days is highly competitive. In South Africa, with a high unemployment rate, it means that people looking for jobs have to work even harder to stand out. Thousands of people are looking for employment on a daily basis. Recruitment agencies are working hard to secure more people with jobs.

While people can search for employment independently, going through a recruitment agency can provide more opportunities.

Recruitment agencies provide insightful industry information and can help individuals who are very clear about their natural abilities.

While it’s important to be confident in your abilities, it’s always advisable to ask questions to find out more about the position you are applying for.

When visiting a recruitment agency, there are a few questions which are important to ask. Here are 5 interview questions you need to know when visiting a recruitment agency:

Why is this position open?

Ask if it’s due to growth in business or because of someone being fired or retrenchment.

What type of training/cross-training is available?

It’s important to remain in learning mode. Find out what technologies are available to you and what kind of learning opportunities will be made available to you.

How large is the department?

This is to help you gauge what kind of structure you will be working in. This may be useful for helping you when planning your career.

Who would you report to?

Find out who will be mentoring you. Ensure that you understand their background and strengths, so that you know what you need to aspire to in order to succeed in the job.

What is the likely career path from this role?

This will give you a better idea of your options and opportunities. You will be able to start planning how to grow professionally.


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