5 Top Freelancing Skills Wanted in 2017 – Making Extra Money

Freelance 2017

Most South Africans have resorted to freelancing and some consider it paying compared to full employment. Gone are the days of the notion that freelancing is synonymous with unemployment. Flexibility associated with freelancing is being embraced in working environments around the world.

The demand for freelancing comes from a prioritisation of lifestyle development over traditional career advancement, and is evidenced in trends such as freelance workers, co-working spaces2 and telecommuting.3

Below are some of the five top freelancing jobs in South Africa:

How to build websites

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the three core languages involved in creating anything on the internet. Simply put, if someone wants to build a website, they need to be familiar with these three technologies. The opportunities this kind of demand opens up are colossal. If you possess the necessary talents required to create websites for clients, you have the chance to build an extensive freelance customer base in no time. Being able to build a website is one thing, but it’s an entirely different art to make sure that a user is able to pleasantly interact with your website. This is where user experience design (UX) comes in.

How to take high quality, original photographs that will land you jobs

Digital photography and a sound knowledge of Photoshop can unlock the full potential of your camera to deliver professional and contextually relevant images with every shot. With 67,000 photos uploaded every minute to Instagram alone, there’s a great deal of visual noise to cut through. It’s a constant challenge to create images that are both memorable and brand specific

How to market through compelling written content

Content creation is fast becoming the only way to market to a world that is jaded by traditional advertising. And writing is the most effective way to create this content. Consumers are bored of relentlessly being sold “stuff”, with 74% of Generation Z and Millennials tired of being social ad targets.9 Content marketing takes the selling process down a different, less pushy road. It provides people with valuable information they need, steadily nurturing the relationship between them and a brand.

Being able to successfully market a brand or product without making people feel like they’re being marketed to takes a certain amount of finesse. Having these skills in your repertoire will enable you to stand out in any freelance space.

How to optimise a website to appear higher in search results

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is necessary to ensure that a website ranks as high as possible on the list of a search engine’s results page. Almost nobody goes to the second page of Google’s search results, with 91.5% of clicks coming from the first page, and 32.5% of traffic going to the first result.10 If a business wants their online content to get noticed by consumers they need to ensure their website is correctly optimised for search. And practicing unethical SEO techniques will lead to a site getting blacklisted by search engines.


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