6 forms of entrepreneurship


Becoming an entrepreneur is not only about identifying gaps in a particular market that need to be filled, but also about figuring out one’s strengths and weaknesses in the process.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to know how one can improve upon the ways in which they are operating. By gaining better insight into the different forms of entrepreneurship, this could potentially lead to more individuals having more understanding of what may be driving their decisions. 

The World Changer is typically the type of entrepreneur that will create a company in order to make a positive impact on the world. This type of individual is likely to believe that their success is measured by impact. 

As an Innovator, the importance of creating the product or service supersedes any other goal. Improving upon old ideas or coming up with new ones comes easily to this type of entrepreneur. 

The Opportunist entrepreneur is highly adept at identifying the right locations at the right time to initiate business opportunities. Even though this is generally a trait that is common to entrepreneurs, this type of individual is skilled at this and finding the best ways to make it work. Being able to perfectly time the right opportunities to introduce new or improved products or services onto the market is a unique skill. 

Being known as a Jack of All Trades generally means that an individual has multiple skills or talents. This type of entrepreneur thrives on risk, while also being scared by it at the same time. A self-starter, this type of entrepreneur may have more success by partnering with the right investors or partners. 

The Social Entrepreneur is always looking for the next big thing and pursues various ideas. 

The Wantrepreneur is typically known to have a lot of ideas. This individual envisions becoming an entrepreneur, although a lot of groundwork has to be done in order to get them beyond the ideas phase. 

The different forms of entrepreneurship may not always be clear-cut, but it’s vital to know how to maximise on what you know.


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