6 Tips for Claiming Motor Vehicle Insurance


Understand the scope of your coverage

Know what your motor vehicle insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t. This is essential to getting through the claims process much quicker. This is why it’s so important to read through your motor vehicle insurance policy thoroughly so that you understand the level of cover and exclusions.

Quickly document damage and make only temporary repairs

It’s important to take photos of the damage right away if you can. You can also take notes of important details to submit to your insurance provider in the event of a claim. It’s important that you report the damage or incident to the police.

Contact your insurer right away

Regardless of how much damage has been sustained, make sure that you contact your motor vehicle insurance provider as soon as possible. This way you can avoid a lengthy claims process, but can rather have a simple, efficient process.

Be prepared to negotiate

Once insurance adjusters look over the damage, they will determine the size of your pay-out. You should ask the adjuster to justify the proposed amount and you should be willing to negotiate your way around this. You should present in writing what you are covered for and what you expect from the insurance company in the event of your claim.

Don’t exaggerate

Lying when making a claim could render it useless. If your insurer finds out you could face harsh penalties. The insurer could either repudiate the claim or still deal with it. Make sure that you are honest and accurate about any events that have led to your claim so that you get a fair pay-out.

Always follow you insurer’s protocol

Make sure that you follow the right procedures so that you avoid your claim being invalidated. Each insurance company has a claims process protocol which should be followed in the event of a claim.


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