9 of the Latest Technology Jobs of 2016

IT Jobs

Information technology (IT) is defined as the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data.

And if you check any job sites IT jobs are amongst the top and most available. Since technology is the ruler of the future when you think of smartphone and computer provisioning by your IT department, security and anti-virus, corporate email accounts, help with using systems, installing computer programs and software.

It all interlinks in with digital the how in which technology is used through the use of computers and devices, websites, mobile web and apps, social media, email marketing and search.

It may help to think of IT as being anything concerned with the infrastructure supporting services and people in their use of computers and devices.

And because everything is migrating towards digital in the near future, future and distant future it may be worth your while having a look into one of the technology jobs. As sourced from U.S. News 2016 Best Jobs Rankings, these 9 jobs ranked the highest.

  1. Computer systems analyst these experts help companies evaluate and improve their computer systems.
  2. Software developers design computer programmes often flexing their creative muscles and technical know how’s.
  3. Web developers build websites, working with software applications or writing code to finish the job.
  4. IT Managers these professionals help organisations managing their technology systems including installing system updates and negotiating with vendors.
  5. Information security analysts safeguard a company’s computer systems, and networks shielding them from data breaches and cyber-attacks.
  6. Data Base Administrators DBA’s set up data base according to a company’s needs and ensure that they operate efficiently and securely.
  7. Computer support specialists these specialists come to the rescue to diagnose and troubleshoot computer problems.
  8. Computer Systems Administrator these tech workers identify and fix network issues and make updates to equipment and software.
  9. Computer programmers write the code that allows computers to run.


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