A Guide to claiming UIF Maternity Benefits

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The Unemployment Insurance Fund is a government-mandated fund that aims to provide financial support to the unemployed. Employers deduct contributions from employees’ salaries each month and automatically pay them to the UIF.

New mothers are able to use the benefits of this fund for support in terms of the extra costs incurred by having a child. UIF maternity benefits essentially help new mothers have sufficient maternity leave from their regular jobs without suffering a loss of income.

Mothers may apply for these benefits, provided that they fulfil certain criteria.

What do you need to be eligible for Maternity UIF?

Only employees who are on maternity leave and who have made regular payments to the UIF on a monthly basis qualify.

Applicants must be in possession of a valid South African ID or (in the case of foreign nationals) a valid passport.

An employee cannot have claimed within the last four years (except if any claims are made during that period were also for maternity benefits)

Who does not qualify for maternity benefits?

Those who work less than 24 hours per month, students, public servants, foreigners working in South Africa on contract, those earning on commission rather than a fixed salary, sole proprietors or members of a close corporation.

Those receiving benefits from the Compensation Fund (for occupational injury or disease) or from any other unemployment fund.

How to Apply:

Applications can be submitted from the first day of maternity leave.

Make sure all necessary documents are in order:

  • Valid SA ID or foreign passport
  • Fill in four official forms (which are obtainable from the website or any Labour centre)
  • The UI-2.8 and UI-2.7 forms are for your banking details
  • The UI-2.3 and UI- 4 forms are for your application and follow-up

Submit a medical certificate from a doctor certifying your pregnancy, or a birth certificate for your new-born baby.

Submit your completed forms at your nearest Labour centre.

It is recommended for mothers to submit documents in person, but arrangements can be made for a third party to do so in their place.

Visit www.labour.gov.za for more information


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