A Look into the Top Pokémon Company Salaries


When it was launched back in 1996, Pokémon has grown into a massive franchise loved by millions of fans all over the world. Since it started out as a video game, the Japanese company has added other facets to the brand, including an animated TV series, movies and card games.

The most recent addition, Pokémon Go has successfully sent the company’s profits skyrocketing.

Within 24 hours of release, Pokémon Go became the top app in both App Store and Playstore in the “top grossing” as well as “free” categories. The game has even rivalled Twitter in terms of number of installs.

Apple has been making revenue of $1.6 million per day on Pokémon Go alone, while the augmented reality game has added $7.5 billion to the company’s overall net worth.

If that’s how much Apple is making, it begs the question: how much is The Pokémon Company making?

According to reports, Pokémon makes an estimated revenue of $290 million USD per month.

How did it all come together?

Pokémon Go began with an investment of $30 million, with Google and Nintendo chipping in $10 million and the Tokyo-based Pokémon Company putting in $20 million.

According to CNBC, the company earned $200 million in the first month, while Satoshi Taijiri, who conceived Pokémon, has a net worth of $6 billion.

What you can expect from Pokémon company salaries:

While Pokémon company salaries vary according to level of experience and skill, many of the salaries are above industry average.

The average salary for a Senior Director of Brand management is $169 973, while a flash designer or developer can earn up to $65 933 annually.

A Director of Commerce at Pokémon can expect to earn an average salary of $140 000, while an Editorial Director will earn an average salary of $106 000. Pokémon company Art Directors earn $64 000.



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