AA Business Insurance


Running a business is a risky and challenging venture. A various number of factors could affect the smooth running of your business. While you can control most things, there are others which are out of your hands which can have quite a major effect on your business. It always helps to be prepared for unforeseen events which could have an adverse effect on your business. 

Having business insurance can come in handy by helping to reduce the uncertainties that come with running a business.

Risk management is a tool that enables businesses to transfer the risk of a loss to an insurance company. It is essentially a process of placing the economic burden of risk elsewhere.

Financial services provider, the Automobile Association (AA) is renowned for providing quality roadside assistance services.

The organisation is currently developing exciting and new product s to complement their roadside assistance and insurance products.

Introduced to give business people peace of mind, AA Business Insurance aims to provide a range of exclusive products and services.

What are the benefits of getting comprehensive business insurance?

No business is run without risk, so having insurance cover can provide peace of mind for business owners.

Business Insurance cover can provide cover for fire, theft, natural disaster, legal liability, automobile accidents, death or disability of key employees as well as business interruption.

When searching for suitable business insurance, it’s important to understand the risks that are inherent in your particular field of business.

A broker such as AA could provide you with suitable risk management solutions

What cover does AA Business Insurance offer?

  • Business Driven Cover
  • Equipment Cover
  • Motor Trade Cover
  • Hospitality Driven Cover
  • Professional/Driven Cover

To contact AA to find out more about their AA Business Insurance, call: 0861 000 234

Visit their website: www.aa.co.za


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