AA Car Insurance South Africa – Effectively Assisting Clients with all Their Car Needs


Owning a vehicle comes with perks as well as disadvantages such as the risk involved. Driving around on the roads is always unpredictable and one can never guarantee when an accident may occur. In addition, rampant crime is always a factor to consider and is a key factor in considering insurance products. There are a number of institutions that provide various insurance products to meet individual needs. One of these is the AA. 

The Automobile Association (AA) of South Africa is a provider of insurance products and services that are tailored to suit individual needs.

Renowned for its handy roadside assistance services, the AA also provides insurance which is competitively priced. Home, building and business insurance is offered in addition. The institution is best known for its car insurance services, which are designed meet specific needs clients may have.

Products offered by AA include features such as accident and attempted theft (recovery towing service,) Roadside Security Service as well as emergency medical rescue. A Flat Tyre change service is also included whereby the institution assists clients who have no fuel, with enough fuel to reach a filling station. The Touch-Up cover fixes chips, dents and light scratches on your vehicle.

A complimentary service is offered, which equips AA members with expert advice on accidents, road traffic laws and more.

Your family is protected financially through the Protection Plan Cover, which pays for funeral expenses in the event of your death.

Cash –Back Plus gives you cash back in recognition of your good claims history.

If required, clients can also obtain installation of a vehicle recovery system.

Contact AA Insurance on: 0860 10 59 13 or 011 799 1001.


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