About Standard Bank Student Loans


There are many students would like to get a higher education. Sometimes the costs are simply too high. This is why you should consider student loan, as it will allow you to pay for your studies, Wiley benefit from a variety of repayment options. Standard Bank student loans allow you the option of not having to repay your loan upfront, which means that you can complete your studies first and then repay your loan.

Various banks offer a range of student loans that can be used for a variety of things, including your submission, your textbooks, and in some cases even your accommodation. The amount that you will qualify for depends on a variety of factors, including the university or college that you will be studying at as well as the credit history of the person, usually a parent, who co-signs your loan.

In order for your loan to be approved you need to make sure that you choose an institution that is accredited by either Umalusi, SAQA, SETA or the Department of Higher Education (DHE).

Ss soon as your loan is approved, you will also receive the bank account that will be useful. There will be a once off initiation fee deducted, as well as a monthly service fee for the loan. The tuition fee will be paid directly to the institution, and the remainder can be used for a variety of approved expenses.

When you apply for a student loan it will only be valid for a specific year, so you will need to reapply if you need assistance for additional student fees. You can talk to a consultant about your various options and see what kind of student loan you may qualify for at Standard Bank.


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