Absa Business Integrator

South Africa is a sophisticated and promising business market. For the last decade, the country has made tremendous strides towards becoming a major contributor in international markets.The market has also opened itself up to large and small scale business enterprises.The need to support these enterprises with innovative products and services is a responsibility for all. Absa bank has dedicated itself to playing this role.This has been demonstrated through the Absa business integrator online.

Absa business integrator online is aimed at the medium, large and corporate business customer. With a special focus on South African domestic banking market, this platform is the perfect web based banking application for your business and lets you choose specific services adapted to your business own structures and systems.

Features of this facility include the fact that it automatically processes large payment volumes to beneficiary accounts or make once off payments, it offers payment confirmation via fax, email or text message, gives you real time financial information for effective decision making, initiates international trade, treasury and cross border cash management transactions, high levels of security and the ability to reset your own password, view your account information including balance inquiries, stop cheque and cheque authorisation instruction, trace transactions and import batch payments from compatible accounting and payroll systems.

Benefits of the Absa business integrator are that it allows you to set multiple levels of flexible security and easily segregate duties in the online environment, you can get real time financial information for effective decision making, it allows you to easily transfer funds between your own and other beneficiary accounts, you can access real time financial information for effective decision making, there is lowered risk of error, shorter turnaround times between starting financial transactions and their payment reconciliation, it offers flexible solutions catering for your specific business needs and extended banking hours available on request.

To access this facility, Absa can be contacted on 0860227232.


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