How to send money via Absa CashSend plus


Absa is a top four banking institution in South Africa. This bank has established itself as a giant by offering products and services which suit diverse niches and segments of the market.These include individuals, small businesses, commercial business enterprises and even state institutions. One product from Absa which is cutting across all the mentioned markets is the CashSend plus.

Absa CashSend plus is a product which has been designed to be a safer and efficient way of paying wages than using cash. This facility allows one to electronically transfer funds to a recipient who can withdraw the funds without needing a card or having a bank account with Absa.

The process is very simple with the recipient simply using the ten digit access code created by the sender and supplied via internet banking, if reference codes are lost they can easily be retrieved. A CashSend plus payment can be made from a cheque or savings account only. This money transfer system allows for a maximum of R3,000 per transaction and the total amount of sent money must be withdrawn for each transaction because partial withdraws are not possible. Single and Multiple CashSend plus payments can also be captured.

This payment development must be embraced by all especially business people because it is secure, payments made can be saved as CashSend plus beneficiaries for future use, there is no registration fee, recipients don’t require a bank account and you are not required to be in the same physical location with the recipient because cash can be withdrawn from any Absa ATM.

Absa Cash Send Plus – How to go about it

  • Absa CashSend Plus technonolgy will send the recipient a 10 digit code by a Short Message Service
  • Please note that the total amount of money your sending must be withdrawn for each transaction – fractional withdrawals are not possible
  • If any of the reference codes are lost, the sender can retrieve them via Internet Banking
  • A maximum of R3 000 per transaction
  • Single and multiple CashSend Plus payments can be captured
  • A CashSend Plus payment can be made from a cheque or savings account only and must be initiated via Internet Banking

Absa can be contacted on 0860008600.


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