ABSA’s Comprehensive Investment Management Services

Absa investment management

Following a merger between numerous banks and a massive branding overhaul, the Amalgated Banks of South Africa (ABSA), now trading as Barclays Africa Group Limited was formed. It operates as a major banking institution in South Africa. The Investment Management Division operates as a full service wealth management company.

According to the latest report in the Barclays Wealth Insights series, 41% of high net worth individuals wish they had more self-control over their finances. In South Africa, there is a need for more financial discipline, as there is little desire for more control when compared to other markets. This poses a challenge which ABSA is willing to take on. ABSA Wealth and Investment Management Chief Executive, Nomkitha Nqweni says, “Our model approach to portfolio management is sound and carries minimal risk for our clients.”

Investors and intermediaries are provided with a range of investment solutions across the risk spectrum. ABSA drives these solutions with a relentless key focus on clients.

Solutions offered include:

  • Wealth management
  • Asset management
  • Private Client Portfolios
  • Alternative Asset Management
  • Multi Management
  • Stockbroking
  • Unit Trusts
  • Linked investments
  • With ABSA’s investment management solutions, private client members are invested into a portfolio that is designed to meet their unique investment objectives. Portfolios are renewed on an annual basis. In line with ABSA’s focus on the best solutions for clients, the institution employs an innovative Financial Personality Assessment, which is designed to build an accurate and highly detailed profile of client preferences.

    ABSA’s Asset Management Division holds in excess of R10 billion in assets. This option provides a range of portfolio management services and products to institutional investors. Clientele here include pension and provident funds, corporates, government structures, medical aids, trusts and collective investment schemes.

    Alternative Asset management focuses on alternative investment strategies, including hedge overlay, absolute return, credit, alpha transport (investing in areas that have little to no correlation with the market), smart beta portfolios (whereby returns are generated from a portfolio that can be attributed to overall market returns), liability driven investing and more.

    ABSA Investment Management Solutions can be contacted on 011 895-7986.


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