ABSA Rewards

Absa Rewards

One of Africa’s major financial services providers, Absa Group Limited, runs a programme called the “Absa Rewards” which is designed to reward clients for banking with the bank. This financial facility does not only give money to its clients but rather gives them access to savings, discounts, special offers and convenience benefits.

Through this programme, Absa members earn up to 1% back in cash rewards on all their qualifying debit, cheque and credit card purchases. A client will also get additional cash rewards when he uses his Absa card to shop at any of the Absa rewards partners. Another important aspect is that Absa clients will earn guaranteed 5% cash rewards from the bank when they use the Absa card at a Sasol Service station.

The card can be used for shopping, that way a client will earn a percentage of purchases made back in cash rewards. What is so unique about this facility is that clients earn real cash rather than points; the best part being redeeming cash rewards and choose exactly how you would like to reward yourself.
The programme has a number of benefits specifically designed for Absa members, chief among them great special offers, exclusive discounts, savings and vouchers. As a member, you are entitled to bonus benefits.

To earn points worth R100, a client needs to spend about R1750. For any information regarding this product, Absa can be contacted on 0800414141 and absarewards@absa.co.za


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