Acts Clinic South Africa

Acts Clinic South Africa

Established in 2000, Acts is a Non-Profit organisation that seeks to provide a quality continuum of care and support to all those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Based in Mpumalanga, north east of South Africa the Acts Clinic is the local TB hub and has X-Ray facilities, a paediatric unit and HIV specialists.

Aids Care is carried through the outpatient clinic which now sees up to 3000 patients a month.

The Community Hospice has eight beds operating 24 hours a day. There is a home based care trained nurse and a community care giver. The Clinic aims to provide the comprehensive service of caring for people at all stages of HIV/AIDS. Volunteers perform basic patient care, such as bed-baths, feeding patients and pressure care etc.

Support is also needed for a multi-faceted project covering over 300 patients on ARVs attending 16 support groups.  Employment opportunities are also created by taking HIV positive patients and equipping them for treatment and prevention outreach campaigns.

The Clinic also accommodates short term skilled (especially carpenters and electricians) or hardworking groups who want to build or just help cart bricks or mix cement.

Many factors contribute to the spread of HIV, such as poverty, inequality, social instability, high levels of sexually transmitted infections, sexual violence, migrant labour, limited and uneven access to quality medical care. The Acts Clinic acknowledges that behaviour change and social change are long term process, and various factors related to the spread of HIV cannot be addressed in the short term. It is committed to making changes.

Help support Acts Clinic South Africa by calling: 013 751 1515 or emailing



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