Adobe Lightroom mobile

Adobe Lightroom mobile

Adobe Lightroom mobile

Multinational computer software company, Adobe Systems Incorporated has opened its Android mobile app to accompany its Lightroom desktop application and cloud service.

Lightroom is a product of Adobe Systems for Windows Systems and OS X which designed to organize photos and images.

The giant San Jose, California Company released a mobile app for iOS last year. Shared Mangalick, a senior product manager for photography at Adobe said this newly launched app will comprise all iOS mobile apps functionalities but it was redesigned to capitalize on the Android platform.

Principal research analyst for Gartner Tuong Huy Nguyen said Android is a likely choice for Adobe to expand the user base on mobile platforms.

“iOS and Android are the big platforms to support on mobile. If you look at the tablet type devices between iOS and Android, it is over 82% of the market. Android is nearly 58 percent. For smartphones, it is 95%, and Android is 81%,” said Nguyen.

The launch of Android mobile app will no doubt make Adobe occupy a big share in the mobile market place thus covering both iOS and Android leaves little mobile territory untaken.

Brian Blau, a technology and business analyst at Gartner,“In reality they are the only two necessary mobile platforms for any one app vendor to support. Windows and the rest are good to have, but the most app developers choose iOS first and then add Android later.”


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