African Bank Loans

African Bank Loans

African Bank Loans have been created to provide financial relief. With flexible repayment plans of up to 60 months, the loans are ideal for if you’re looking at repaying on a long term basis.

African Bank has more than 30 branches across South Africa, making the loans easily accessible. Loan amounts are also offered up to R150 000, which is higher than what other lending institutions are willing to offer.

Short term Loans:

Ideal for when you need cash for immediate use, these loans are available from R1000 up to R10 000. Ideal for unexpected circumstances such as an emergency medical bill or paying for funeral arrangements, African Bank’s short term loans are repayable within 3 to 10 months.

Long term Loans:

These loans are offered up to R150 000, coupled with a longer repayment term of 84 months maximum. This gives you adequate time to repay the loan with no strain on your pocket.

What makes African Bank Loans unique?

  • These loans are tailor made to suit your financial situation
  • There are fixed repayments, so as a client you are assured of a consistent repayment amount every month, allowing you to plan better
  • The loans give clients quick access to cash. Upon approval the funds are immediately paid into your account, giving you the freedom to spend it on financial needs
  • Repayments are made via debit order, making it easier for clients to repay and to avoid late payments or defaults

Loans are offered with Credit life insurance. This covers the remaining loan balance in the event of your death, permanent or temporary disability or retrenchment.

African Bank has a value system that operates upon the principle that credit should work for you. African Bank strives to ensure that credit becomes a relief and viable solution for clients.

What are the qualifying criteria?

  • Valid South African I.D.
  • Latest original payslip
  • One months’ bank statement
  • Proof of residence

Find out more about African Bank Loans by contacting: 0861 000 351.


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