African Bank Personal Loans Contact Numbers

African Bank Personal Loan Contact Details

Whether you’re buying a car, renovating your home or putting money towards something you’ve always wanted, a Personal Loan could be right for you. And African Banks personal loan is designed to support you with your plans.

Improve your finances with an African Bank personal loan from R500 to R200 000 paid directly into your bank account. The loan has flexible repayment periods between 3 to 72 months and fixed repayment installments, providing you with consistency.

While your credit is insured through settlement; installment and exclusion should anything happen to you that would prevent you from making repayments.

And applying for your Personal Loan is quick and easy online through African Banks 24/7 online service. In just a few simple steps you can apply for a loan online at any time. Just make sure you’ve the following documents available to upload with your application or when you visit any of African Banks branches across the country if you prefer a face-to-face application experience.

These include an ID document, latest original pay-slip, bank statement reflecting three salary deposits and proof of residence. Or alternatively get in contact with African Bank about their personal loans.


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