Afrifocus Securities


A security in a financial context is a certificate or other financial instrument that has monetary value and can be traded. Securities are generally classified as either securities such as stocks and debt securities as well as bonds and debentures. One institution making a huge contribution in this sector of the economy is Afri-focus Securities.

Afrifocus has been a stockbroker member of the JSE since 2000, servicing institutional and private clients. This firm administers approximately 7000 accounts and has offices in Sandton, Cape Town and Durban.This business entity produces independent research and execute JSE trades for institutions in the securities unit. Its product bouquet can therefore be broken down into institutional research and execution, personal wealth management, private client stock broking and advisory as well as online trading.

Institutional research and execution has a team of in-house research analysts who provide independent research on JSE companies and industry interests. Afrifocus Personal Wealth combines the expertise of stock broking and asset management in providing a unique proposition. Portfolios are designed using fundamental & quantitative research and technical analyses and lowest cost option delivered with direct JSE execution. Private client stockbroking and advisory unit manages individual discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios.This unit provides  advice on model portfolios and stock selection. Afrifocus online trading account was set up and recommended as the quick, secure and efficient option for owner managed accounts.

Afrifocus Securities can be contacted on 0112907800.


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