Airtaxi – Taking e-commerce To Minibus Taxis

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The minibus taxi industry is a crucial component of South Africa’s vibrant and fast growing transport sector.This industry is credited with creating approximately 400,000 jobs covering drivers, rank managers and other associated service providers. At the heart of the industry are millions of people who depend on taxis to get to and from their destinations, on time and at the lowest cost. In order to get this industry into being e-commerce, Airtaxi was launched.

The Airtaxi service is aimed at the estimated 20 million South African commuters who use minibus taxis every week.This service which works on USSD platform and applications such as Blackberry, Android and iOS is tailored to work based on inner city minibus taxi fares in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

This service operates by getting consent from participating taxi drivers who sign up using their mobile numbers. Airtaxi will then send the fare to the driver, with a small commission, once the passenger is transported and loads airtime next time around, the fare will be deducted automatically.The commission sent to the taxi driver will be paid for by the unnamed financial institution Airtaxi is working with.

Passenger transactions are limited to once every five days or until users have reloaded airtime sufficient to cover the cost of the previous transaction.Taxi drivers or owners will then be allowed to trade airtime with participating fuel stations to get more fuel than they would normally do.This allows the service station to buy airtime at a discount and resell it to consumers at a normal cost.

With Airtaxi,The taxi industry is going to another level.


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