All about Microsoft’s Hololens Virtual Reality Headset


    Microsoft’s Hololens virtual reality headset is the first self-contained holographic computer.

    What is Virtual Reality?

    Virtual Reality is computer technology that uses software to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment and simulate a user’s physical presence in this environment.

    This type of technology is mostly displayed on a virtual reality headset (also called head-mounted display or HMD). This is usually a pair of hard-mounted goggles with a screen in front of the eyes.

    Keeping up with technology isn’t as easy as it used to be. With technological innovations taking place every day, there is a constant influx of new information to keep up with. If you’re a lover of technology, chances are that you may have already heard about Microsoft’s Hololens virtual reality headset. Technology trends predict that Virtual Reality products will be used for scientific studies, virtual tours and even education.

    Tell me more about Microsoft’s Hololens?

    Available for $3000 in the U.S. can be described as mixed reality smart glasses.  The device brings HD holograms to life in your world. When you look through a pair of lenses, you can see additional objects appear around you that don’t exist at all.

    The Hololens has a close-fitting back, plastic band that wraps around your head like a halo and an exterior band, which supports the goggle or lens.

    With 2 to 3 hours of battery life, the Hololens can be used outside, although it doesn’t yet work as well in this setting.

    You can also speak into the headset, using voice commands. Skype is also available over the Hololens.

    According to The Verge:

    “For now, Microsoft still sees the primarily as a device for business or educational use, with some gaming thrown in for good measure.”




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