All about the most Prized Pokémon Monster in South Africa


Pokémon is a gaming franchise loved and enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide. With millions of players trying to “catch them all”, South Africans haven’t been left behind.

South African players have also joined the fanfare, by downloading the latest Pokémon Go app on their smartphones.

It’s no secret that some Pokémon are simply better than others and as a trainer, your goal is to capture the best. You’ll want to find the most prized Pokémon.

The good news for South African players is that they can use PokeVision to find the most prized Pokémon monster in South Africa. It can provide players with real-time, accurate data without relying on community input.

According to Forbes, six of the rarest Pokémon you can find, include:

Zapdos, Ditto, Articuro, Mew, Mewtwo and Moltres.

These Pokémon are so rare that nobody has seen them yet.

Magmar, the rarest of the fire types, is known to only be found in the 10km variety. Charizard is another Pokémon that is hard to come by. Only a few people find their paths crossing with this rare fire and flying type.

If you’re looking for the most prized Pokémon in South Africa, you’ll do well by catching a Ditto. This Pokémon ranks first as the most elusive of the pocket monsters. It’s also the only Pokémon of the original 151 represented in the game that’s yet to be found. Some Pokémon fans have even gone as far as to devise a massive crowdsourced campaign to find Ditto.

Tips for finding the most prized Pokémon monster in South Africa:

Fire and rock types (like Magmar and Charmander) are likely to appear in arid climates, while psychic and water types tend to favour coastal areas.

Grass, bug and flying types can typically be found in grassy areas, so your local park or even the zoo can be ideal.


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