All you Need to Know About Benefits of Joining the Affinity Junior Medical Insurance

Affinity Junior Medical Insurance

Affinity Junior Medical Insurance is a premier provider of healthcare for children. If your child gets sick, you can rely on the services provided by Affinity Junior Medical Aid to get you through the challenge.

What is medical insurance?

In South Africa, not many people have access to medical aid. Medical insurance is a relatively new concept, which provides a convenient alternative to the high costs associated with medical aid.

When comparing policies, carefully check the extent of cover and exactly what’s included and excluded from a policy, in addition to premiums and excess charges.

It’s important that you take your time when comparing medical insurance quotes. You need to make sure that you find the right type of cover for your needs.

Tell me more about Affinity Junior Medical Insurance?

Affinity Medical Insurance is a leading provider of affordable medical and health cover products. The institution offers wide-ranging benefits at affordable prices.

The institution offers a Hospital Plan as well as a convenient Day-to-Day Plan.

The Hospital Plan offers an Accident Benefit, 24 Hour Emergency cover as well as dread disease cover.

The Day-to-Day Plan offers a doctor’s consultation, specialist visits, acute and chronic medication and basic dentistry and basic optometry.

The claims process is effortless and users get to choose from a range of medical providers and hospitals.

The Affinity Junior Medical Insurance is useful for providing for the healthcare needs of your children. For a parent, seeing their child in pain because of illness is never pleasant. With the Affinity Junior medical Insurance offer however, parents are assured that their child’s medical needs will be taken care of, at an affordable price.

For more information, visit or call 0861 11 00 33


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