All you need to know about Playing Pokémon Trading Card Game


The Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game launched back in 1999 after the release of the video game. The collectible card game involves players battling up to six Pokémon at a time, evolving, switching out and exploiting elemental weaknesses of opposing players’ Pokémon.

How do you play Pokémon Trading Card Game?

You use your Pokémon of choice to knock out six of your opponent’s Pokémon, claiming six prize cards to win the game.

You need to build a deck of 60 cards, which can be grouped into three main categories: Pokémon, Trainers and Energy.

Each deck may include 4 copies of any Pokémon cards with the same name.

Hit Points:

A Pokémon’s hit points indicate how much damage it can endure before being knocked out.


The Pokémon Type symbol indicates what type your Pokémon is.


Ability is an additional card effect that your Pokémon provides.


The evolution stage determines when your Pokémon can be played.


These are the attacks your Pokémon can perform. The energy cost indicates what energy cards must be attached to the Pokémon in order to use the attack. Energy cards fuel your Pokémon’s actions, which can either be basic or special.


This shows the damage your Pokémon receives when attacked by certain types of Pokémon.

Understanding how to make your deck consistent is critical if you want to play this game competitively. The more games you play the more experience you will acquire.

Keep in mind that each time you beat a unique opponent with a locked deck, the deck will swap out a card.

In addition to the animated series, movies and video games, the Pokémon Trading Card Game is a major contributor to the $290 million US dollars the franchise makes per month.


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