All you need to know about Pokémon Uranium Starters


Released in 1996, Pokémon is a Japanese gaming franchise that as evolved over the years to include an animated TV series, movies as well as various types of games such as Pokémon Uranium as well as the latest craze, Pokémon Go.

What is Pokémon Uranium?

Pokémon Uranium is a fan-made Pokémon game that took over nine years to develop. The fan project amassed over 1.5 million downloads in that time.

Another unique feature offered by Pokémon Uranium is that it offers you a selection of character portraits to pick from and does not label gender on any of them. This game gives its larger plot more significance early, which gives it more narrative depth.

Pokémon Uranium works by giving you a quiz and assigning you a starter relating to your game play style.

The fan-made game was released on PC in August and includes Red/Blue gameplay. The game is also currently only for PC with a Mac version in the works.

The game has unique dual-type starters and also introduces a new region, the Tandor Region, along with over 150 new Pokémon, eight new gyms and new legendaries.

What you need to know about Pokémon Uranium Starters:

Pokémon Uranium starters are offered in three versions.


This grass/steel type Pokémon evolves to Metalynx, starting at level 28. It’s always seen stealing rings and other metal items. It adds them to its armour by ingesting them.


Raptorch is a fire/ground type that evolves into Archilles starting at level 29. This energetic Pokémon requires constant attention or they start setting their surroundings on fire.


Eletux is a water/electronic type that evolves into Electroluxo starting at level 27. It generates strong magnetic fields around its feet and tail that allow it to walk on water.



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