All you Need to Know About the Impressive Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2

Smartphone technology has taken over the world. With more smart devices being introduced every month, consumers are now more spoilt for choice than ever before. Despite Apple and Samsung leading the pack, the Google brand is also growing fast. The tech company’s latest release is the Google Pixel 2.

Aimed at the same market as the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7, the Google Pixel 2 is expected to impress consumers worldwide.

The device is also expected to be waterproof, to have an improved chipset and an excellent camera.

Expected to sell for 699 Euros, the device is expected to have 6GB of RAM, along with Android 8 software. The Pixel 2 may be the first to use the 8.0 Oreo software while a processor in the Snapdragon 830 line is expected.

With a release date expected in October, the Google Pixel 2 is a premium handset, so the device is expected to compete with the best smartphones on the market.

More features expected from the Google Pixel 2:

The phone is expected to follow the latest trends by getting rid of the headphone jack. It’s also set to be made available with 5 and 5.7 inch screens.

Along with IP68 certification, the phone features Quick Charge 4.0. Qualcomm claims that you’ll get five hours of battery life from a five minute charge. This technology has made life much more efficient.

The device is also expected to have a 4K display, which will be complemented by a dual camera with a 12MP sensor. The Pixel 2 should have an even better low-light performance as well as other feature enhancements.

The Google Pixel 2 is expected to be a worthy addition to the smartphone device arena.


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