All you need to know about the latest iPhone


The Apple iPhone has come a long way since it launched in 2007. When the first generation Apple iPhone launched, it had 128 MB of RAM and a 320 X 480 pixels display. 

The latest iPhone, expected to launch in September is the iPhone 7.

The rumours have already started swirling, with reports claiming that the iPhone 7 will have a new colour option, a larger camera lens and that it will be thinner, with double the storage.

Reports also claim that Apple will use fan-out technology to save space and reduce the thickness of the iPhone 7. There’s been talk that there could be a switch from an LCD display to an OLED panel, while it’s also been rumoured that Apple has replaced its old 8MP camera with a shiny new 12MP one.

A patent awarded to Apple on 28 June, described a camera with the ability to detect infrared signals as well as visible light. The camera lens has been enlarged to take into account a more powerful sensor.

By today’s standards, a smartphone isn’t considered to be the best unless it’s water-resistant. Apple is working on a new “compound material” that repels water. It’s been said that the latest iPhone will be water-resistant and may have a new entry-level tier of 32GB.

It’s likely to boast a processor called the A10 chip, while the headphone jack may be removed. It’s also expected to have a bezel-less metal body, redesigned antennas and an edge-to-edge display.

It may be the same length and width as the iPhone 6S, with similarly curved corners and a sharper screen.

With a larger battery, the latest iPhone is also expected to have a 4K display.

The much-hyped about iPhone 7 could possibly be accompanied by the iPhone 7 Plus.



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