All you Need to Know About the Nokia 3 Now Available in South Africa

Nokia 3 in SA

Nokia is a well-respected mobile phone brand in South Africa. Through the years the brand has become popular especially on the African continent, largely as a result of its good quality, reliable and affordable handsets.

Finnish company HMD Global has undertaken production of the new Nokia handsets. In a world where smartphones have become the most popular technological devices on the market, the Nokia brand has adapted its model to include a range of smartphones.

The Nokia 3 now available in South Africa comes in a laminated 5 inch display, with an aluminium frame and Gorilla Glass.

The Android device is available in Matte Black and Tempered Blue. With its compact and elegant form, the device offers durability as well as a premium experience at an affordable price.

How Well Does It Perform?

With 2GB of RAM, 16GB of expandable storage and a 720 pixel 5 inch display, the Nokia 3 also comes with a 2630 mAh battery.

The device also features 8MP wide aperture cameras on the front and back. The large pixel size and aperture delivers great images and automated scene detection.

One of the most reliable features of the Nokia devices produced in past years is the excellent battery life. The Nokia 3 features Doze, which saves battery life- something which every smartphone owner values.

Users can also enjoy unlimited Cloud Storage via Google Photos, while conversations with Google Assistant happen seamlessly.

Accessories include an in-car charger case and wall-charger.

The Device Retails For R 2199.

On the African continent, popular uses of mobile devices range from accessing social networks, to sending text messages, to taking pictures and creating videos. Another popular use is for mobile banking.

Teresa Clarke, the chief executive officer of, a news website, says, “The cell phone is their landline, ATM and email in one device. Cell phones are central to life.”

HMD Global, the company tasked with revamping the Nokia brand may be able to create a bigger footprint on the African continent trough the Nokia 3.


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