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South Africa, a middle income country and the largest economy on the continent¬† has a well developed financial, legal and physical infrastructure, forming the basis for a sound financial system and for stable economic growth.The financial services sector in particular has been at the heart of the country’s robust economic growth. One name that features prominently on the list of financial service providers is Alphera Financial Services.

Alphera Financial Services was founded by BMW Group Financial Services in 2001. Alphera Financial Services provides flexible finance for all makes of new and used vehicles. These finance options are available to customers through the nationwide network of nearly 200 official Alphera dealer partners. Designed with an appreciation for value, simplicity, freedom and flexibility, Alphera offers finance products to make your dream car a reality.  Multi brand vehicle finance products offered come in form of Instalment Sale, Financial Lease, Fixed Rate and Edge.

The flexible instalment sale offer runs between 12 to 72 months and allows you to determine your monthly payments. At the end of your contract, you take ownership of the vehicle. A Financial Lease is the perfect solution for individuals or businesses who wish to drive a new or approved used car without the risks associated with ownership.This runs between 12 and 72 months with no substantial initial payment required. A number of end-of-term options exist, including ownership of the vehicle.

Fixed rate allows you to budget with ease due to constant monthly payments and there is no risk associated with interest rate increases during the term of the contract. The Fixed Rate option is available on either an Instalment Sale or Financial Lease contract. Edge is an innovative 50:50 payment plan which gives you the benefit of not having to deplete your savings or withdraw from your bond to purchase the car of your dreams in cash.You simply put down 50% of the purchase price as a deposit, you benefit from lower monthly premiums by servicing the interest only over a 36 month period. At the end of the term you can either settle the outstanding 50% balloon payment, refinance it or trade in your car.

Alphera can be contacted on 0861257437 and trained consultants will be on hand to assist.


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